4 Dynamic Reasons I Love Being a Jill of All Trades…

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Have you heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, and a master of none”? When I started to really think about that I began to examine my own life, gifts, and talents against what I have been told is possible. Not just what I was told is possible, but also the opposite. That saying makes it seem that a person cannot be a good cook, artist, parent, singer, and teacher at the same time. And, the older I get more I see how limiting that thought has been for me. There is a tendency for people to believe that we can only master one thing, but that alone is false.

There is a difference between being perfect and mastering something. To be perfect is to “make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible” and that might just be the hallmark of a maScreen Shot 2014-06-10 at 7.15.35 AMstery. See, mastery is “having or showing very great skill or proficiency” in something. That something can be any number of things, it is only limited by your ability and interest. When I was about 4- to 5- years old, I would hear my Mom in the kitchen and get up to go help her cook breakfast. She would pull out the metal stool for me to stand on, hand me a spatula, and let me flip pancakes on the electric griddle. As I grew I learned to do more things, gained greater skill, and have become proficient in cooking and baking. It is something I love to do! I think I might have mastered cooking.

When I was about 6- years old my mother put me in soccer which I played for about 3 years. That same year, I was able to start tee ball and eventually played softball which still enjoy playing to this day. Although I was usually placed at first base, I played catcher, pitcher, third base, short stop and all positions in the outfield. One day while waiting for my Mom Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 7.15.17 AMto pick me up from practice my coach and I were practicing batting. My brother is left handed and I learned to write left handed, so I wanted to see if I could bat left handed. I switched my hand placement and everything else came to me. I can bat left handed pretty well. As I grew I became interested in other sports as well playing basketball and volleyball – both I play well. Well enough to have played volleyball in college, and to be asked by college coaches to play on the basketball team. Through all of this I have sang in choirs and groups as an alto which I enjoy, and I think I can say that I “showing very great skill or proficiency.” And, last, throughout my life one thing has always been a part of me, creativity. I was the student in elementary school who had to color perfectly, my writing was art, my projects were artistic, and would it would impress some teachers and drive others to drink because it could be obsessive. In high school I took art for 3 years and architectural drafting for 2 years. Yes, I can know how to draft an read plans, for the most part. To this day I love being creative, painting, photography, drawing, graphic designs, and even interior design are all things I do skillfully. Since when can you not master many things?

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You, yes you, have been given gifts and talents that are for you to share. Many of them have helped you in your career, relationships, or even simply help you cope. Cooking and baking are part of my coping mechanisms, but they have also helped me make money. Your gifts and talents are a source for you to shine, live out loud, touch others, and, yes, make money. If you have a job, career, or own a company your gifts and talents are making you money. Surely you have many gifts and talents that you can dust off!

Why be a Jack or Jill of many trades?

1. Using what you know, talents, gifts, and skills gives you multiple ways to solve problems.

2. Being diverse on the playground produces confidence in a variety of situations.

3. Jack and Jill with many skills never get bored.

4. Having multiple talents, gifts, and skills is simply more fun!

You do not have to be stuck in one place white knuckling it day-by-day, feeling closed in, or attempting to “master” one thing. You have mastered more than you think. You have been “showing very great skill or proficiency” all over the place. Let it shine! And, I plan to be a beacon of light for you to use every skill and talent so you can enjoy your life fully and have what you want. WATCH ME SHINE!

Check out my YouTube Channel and get ready to Feast on Crumbs while you Create Your Game. Look out for these workshops that will make a difference in you using the talents, gifts, and skills you have to live the life you love and more!

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”  – Mary Oliver

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