Water Wednesday: Disappearing Act. It’s Magic!

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In the past seven days I’ve learned a lot about fasting that I think is helpful for anyone who is undergoing one whether it is short or long. Last year I undertook a 40- day water fast, and forgot some of the side effect or “happenings”.  I remember the bad breath, and dizziness, but did not have any reflux or gas. If you feel any heartburn or intense acid reflux during your fast, you could be too acidic internally. Keep in mind that if you have continual heartburn during your water fast, that may be a sign that you have acidity from excess toxins in your body, such as chemicals, food additives and heavy metals.

The magical thing I learned from this past week is that my body is more toxic than I thought. With amount of gas, heart burn, reflux, and lack of sleep it is apparent. With that said, there are some signs that you are toxic and here are six (6):

1. Urine: Urine in a healthy person is relatively clear. Urine that is dark yellow is a sign that you have too many toxins in your body and are not drinking enough water. Drinking enough water helps to dilute the toxins in the body and flush them out of your system.  RESULT: Clear urine.


2. Poo (Yes, that!): Input, output. Right? That is what is the result of eating each meal.  Considering that we eat hundreds of thousands of pounds of food in our lifetime we need our digestion to be optimal to allow for proper elimination. Without proper elimination the food and toxins are reabsorbed. There are people who only eliminate once per day, if that. Imagine the amount of meals and food left in their stomach?   RESULT: Bowel movements following meals that are effortless and odorless.


3. Body Odor: What you eat determines your own odor. The cleaner you eat the less body odor you have. What is eating clean? Some people hear that and think of it as a “fad”. It’s actually simply being mindful of the food’s pathway between its origin and your plate. That means eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are un- or minimScreen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.41.06 PMally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. Doing this an actually minimize the need for deodorant.  RESULT: No or a diminished need for deodorant.


4. Breath: What you ate the night before impacts the way your breathe smells in the morning. If your breath is pungent it is because your food is undigested, and/or you are not eating clean. With this said, a fast can be beneficial for your digestive system to be revived.  RESULT: Reduced or odorless breath.


5. Skin: Skin is the largest organ of the body and it mirrors your health while performing multiple functions. Every 7-10 years all of your skin is completely replaced. This happens through sweating, exfoliation, and living. I recommend changing bed sheets, towels, and wash clothes often; vacuuming regularly with a filter, and exercise as well as exfoliation. What type of exfoliation? I am partial to a body scrub, but I make them myself to be able to control the elements such as scent and oil. You can see the video with instructions here. One way I measure my internal health is the amount of saltiness in my sweat. Yes, that’s right. If the sweat is salty, I know to reduce my salt intake and increase my water intake.  RESULT: Increase in skin clarity.


6. Overall Health; I used to know my son was really sick when he stopped eating. It’s the body’s way of resting the internal systems to be able to fight off whatever virus has invaded. As adults we tend to continue to eat making our systems work during this time which is counter to what you need. This is the time to stop eating, fast,  let your body do what is needed, and conserve energy. As a result you will begin to see benefits.  RESULTS: Decreased sickness, increased health and vitality.

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September 17

Yuck mouth, reflux, and rashes. Just last weekend I watched one of my videos from last year about what happened during the fast and some things I forgot. One thing I could never forget was the taste of the toxins in my mouth. It truly does have a bad tastes at first, and it may or may not get worse. Last year, it was like waking up with trash and metal shavings in my mouth. This year it hasn’t gotten that bad yet, however, there’s a new enemy – acid reflux. I’ve lived with that off and on for years, but last year I did not deal with that at all during my water fast. I read different remedies like adding lemon to your water or drinking warm water. Neither of them are things I’m interested in doing so I didn’t. What I have done was reduced the amount of water when I need to and rested well. That’s all. It has decreased. My sleep has been off, but that could be from having moved and general anxiety about what is to come. We’ll see how that changes as this journey moves along. *THIS MORNING: That taste in the mouth had me running to the bathroom to grab my tongue scraper!

On a personal note, I’m much more aware of my own blocks and have been considering what that BIG AUDACIOUS goals is for me instead of doing something that is expected. I’ll share more about that as we move forward. There are a few irons in the fire. Stay tuned.


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DAY 12 WEIGHT LOSS: 10lbs.

Cumulative Loss to Date: 25lb.

Next Wednesday: Is the Struggle Real?

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