Photo on 10-19-13 at 9.44 AM #2Who are you anyway? Good question. Wanna here it? Here it goes. I’m Sidney Gaskins, a single mother, currently living the Lone Star State, finishing graduate school, parenting a teenage boy (YIKES! Pray with me!), and living an adventurous life. And I mean adventurous!

I was born in Ohio, The Buckeye State and The Heart of it all, and I’ll always be a Buckeye Girl. However, at 14 Momma packed up the little cinder walled apartment and we moved to Lakeland, Florida. Since graduating high school I’ve lived in Mississippi (the crooked letter), Georgia, went back to Ohio twice, and this would be my second stint in Texas. Adventure is my LIFE! In each place I learned something about me and other people. Most of all, about me.

Never married. Seeker of laughter. Satisfied with life. Loves to cook and bake. Enjoys a good giggle and all out laugh. Loves family. Travel is beyond exciting to me. And sharing knowledge and life is exhilarating! I’m far from perfect, in fact, my tendency for OCDScreen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.26.41 PM reminds me to relax. Life has brought me ups, like the adoption of my son, graduating college, and finishing a sprint triathlon with my sister. Being  the youngest of 4, not always a party…that could be categorized as a down!  And the diagnosis of lung cancer given to my mother and her subsequent death. Then, five years later, the diagnosis of cancer and death of my father. A not-so-enriching relationship (but I learned from it), coupled with bouts of depression, difficulties with adjustment, and overwhelming anxiety made for tough times. Yet, I pushed through by choosing to make a difference in my own life! In June of 2010, I left Georgia with $800, a UHaul (no car), and my son in tow! December of that year, I started graduate school for mental health counseling while living with my older brother in Ohio and decided it wasn’t the place “for now”. So what did I do? I moved to Texas.

I told you it was adventurous. My son, and I have created our lives as adventurous and simply decided to go with it. I say to my friends “ride the wave”. I’ve been a restaurant hostess, waitress, social worker, preschool tePhoto on 2013-03-24 at 16.02acher, and currently am in graduate school (done February 23rd!!!) and am a development specialist. However, you can find me in the kitchen cooking curried chicken, spaghetti, lasagna, fajitas, burritos, anything else I wanna test out, or baking cakes, breads, cookies, bars, and making homemade ice cream. When I can I’m about town at new places and love to travel. Since I was 6- years old, I’ve played some type of sport, went to college on a volleyball scholarship, and so I can be seen cycling, running, or walking (briskly!). After losing 50 pounds this year, through a water only fast, I’m maintaining….and reducing, my ladyish figure! I saw a shirt that seems to sum me up…”Sweet, Sassy, A Bit Smart-Assy”. Sarcasm I speak fluently, and enough Spanish to get me some groceries and checkout en La Michoacana Supermercado (see how I did that?).

Headshot BrightIf there is anything to take from reading about my enterprising life, it is that an enterprising life is full of adventure, risk, uncertainty, questioning, fun, laughter, love, courage, fear, boldness, overcoming, and is what you make it at every turn. There is no book to read to tell you “how to do it”, “where to find it”, what’s next, or explains your life you get to write it so make it a good story you will enjoy reading over and over again…with some dynamic characters…thrown in for good measure!


If you are so inclined, you are welcome to send me an email at sidneygaskins@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. As usual, Sid, you have established a standard all your own. Travel and adventure are definitely fitting themes , not too mention a certain dynamic called “parenthood” :-). Lots a love!


    • enterprisingsidney

      Thank you Derek! I only seek to share and in doing so hope to inspire others to move beyond….while having some fun doing. Thank you for your comment!


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